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CeriseIcicles xuan - inlay 001 azure allochiria For Warmth celadon  undertone eigen stasis kframe

Solo Works:
2014 CeriseIcicles [Ripples]
2013 Xuan [Nephogram / Ripples]
2010 Azure Allochiria [Triple Bath]

Miscellaneous (free downloads, EP…):
2011 For Warmth [Crónica]
2010 Celadon [Impulsive Habitat]
2010 Skriða [Q-tone]
2009 In An Undertone At A Loose End [Ripples]

2013 Zbeen, Eigen [Ripples]
2012 Zbeen, Stasis [Entr'acte/Ripples]
2012 Zbeen, K-Frame [Ripples]

Tracks / Compilation:
2014 Sadbury’s Helicity Quark: How Does The Invisible Sound? Q01  | Farmacia901
2013 Inidomhi Mainbreed 0x001 Top 10 tracks of the PIARS Award 2013
2012 Azure Portmanteau I Hate Music Compilation V

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