All the below listed applications have been developed for specific projects and/or artists, working on commission. Therefore, I am sorry to inform you that for the time being they are not for sale.

*** Software development: Music & Sound applications
If you are interested or just wondering about having a customized software/application, please contact me via email at info.ripples[at] with the project specifications.

*** Oct 2014 :: “Typo” :: Work In Progress
I’m currently developing a standalone Max based application which aims to investigate the relationship between granular synthesis and typing processes. It’s an early stage of the development, nonetheless if you wish to receive updates and/or you are interested in testing opportunities please send an email to info.ripples[at] specifying “Typo” in the subject.
Many thanks for your interest!

ARTS-LOI [2014] digital platform for electronic improvisation and audio reactive visuals (Max/MSP, AudioMulch, Processing).

a:v setup


PETIT FOUR [2013] is a software synth for weird sound experiments.

CCONFIN [2012-2013] is a software developed for the QUARK PROJECT on Farmacia901, which has been used by 50 different international artists. Sound artist Nicolas Bernier used Cconfin for his project “frequencies (sound quanta)” – read the article on Ableton website

MICROFIELD [2012] is a package of modules which extends the MICROPONY’s potential.

MICROPONY [2012] is a small software synth for sound design and experimental music.